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At the Law Offices of Maria Mena, we are proud to provide effective representation to our clients, regardless of the offense that they are accused of committing.Our team is dedicated to the successful outcome of each and every case. When clients retain our representation, no stone is left unturned and every detail is thoroughly analyzed. If there is a way to win your case, we will find it! Our reputation is driven by our success, and we do not stop until your freedom is protected. We encourage you to read through some of our pleased clients' case results to learn how working with a skilled Silver Spring criminal defense lawyer from our team can benefit your case. You deserve trusted representation; you deserve to work with the Law Offices of Maria Mena. If you are ready to move forward with your defense, contact the Law Offices of Maria Mena today by completing a free case evaluation form now! Se habla español.

First-Degree Murder - Dismissed

Attorney Maria Mena secured a dismassal of first-degree murder for her client.

Hockey Brawl at the Green Turtle

Attorney David Wooten convinced a very tough judge in D.C. Superior Court to acquit his client of two counts of assault, for an altercation that occurred at the Green Turtle restaurant outside the Verizon Center, after a Washington Caps hockey game. Mr. Wooten's client was on parole for a prior felony assault, and could have been sent back to prison for an additional 7 years if convicted. Upon hearing the verdict, the prosecutor and his boss were left with their jaws hanging open. They couldn't believe that this tough judge did not believe the 4 Government witnesses who testified as to the assault that split one young man's eye open. But Mr. Wooten was not the least bit surprised. Justice was served.

Confession Suppressed in Upper Marlboro

A Prince George’s County judge made a rare decision to credit the testimony of attorney David Wooten's client over a detective's testimony, and to suppress the defendant's confession, which led to the discovery of cocaine hidden in a wall. Mr. Wooten's client was facing certain jail and deportation if convicted of felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute. It is a rare feat to convince a judge to suppress a confession. A week after this victory, the entire case was dismissed and Mr. Wooten's client got to remain in the United States a free man.

Montgomery DUI Case Thrown Out of Court

Attorney David Wooten won a Montgomery County DUI trial in front of an extremely harsh sentencing judge, who would have punished the defendant far worse than any other judge in the county if the defendant were convicted. The defendant blew a .19 BAC, and had several open beer bottles in the car. Against his attorney’s advice, the defendant also appeared in court without completing any alcohol education classes beforehand.

Lucky for the defendant, Attorney Wooten successfully argued that the police officer had no legal basis to stop the vehicle. The officer testified that the defendant’s vehicle was swerving in its lane, driving 20 mph below the speed limit, speeding up and slowing down, crossed over a solid white line, and had a broken brake light. A video recording from the officer’s own vehicle directly contradicted the officer’s testimony, and the judge dismissed the case before ever hearing about a .19 BAC or open beer bottles in the vehicle.

$14,000 Cash and 2 Pounds of Weed Thrown Out of Court

Attorney David Wooten convinced a Prince George’s County judge to suppress all evidence obtained as a result of an illegal traffic stop by a police officer. During a search of the Defendant’s car, police found a bag containing $14,000 cash and over two pounds of marijuana. Mr. Wooten’s client is a young man with a bright future ahead of him. If found guilty of felony Possession with Intent to Distribute marijuana, not only would he have gone to jail, but his ability to obtain federal loans for college would have disappeared. His chances of finding decent employment with a felony conviction would be slim to none. Now, he essentially gets a second chance at life.

Upper Marlboro Jury Acquits After 1 Hour

Criminal defense Attorney David Wooten won an acquittal for his client, accused of savagely beating and strangling his pregnant girlfriend. Two police officers and a distressed 911 call were presented in an effort to support the complainant’s wild testimony of closed fist punches, slamming against walls, and strangulation. But the jury was not convinced. Mr. Wooten’s client was saved from potential incarceration and he is now eligible to expunge this nightmare from the public record.

Not Guilty of Assault and Disorderly Conduct at the Horseshoe Casino

Defense Attorney David Wooten’s client was acquitted of all charges by a Baltimore City judge, despite video surveillance footage that clearly showed the defendant put his hands on the throat of another bar patron, which triggered a brawl among several patrons. Additionally, evidence showed that the defendant bit through two layers of clothing and broke the skin of the security guard who ejected defendant. Attorney Wooten successfully argued that his client’s actions were in self defense.

Hung Jury Despite Wooten’s Client’s Confession in Prince George’s Attempted Murder Case

A Prince George’s County jury was hung on all counts in an Attempted Murder trial, despite Mr. Wooten’s client confessing to punching the victim during a brutal stabbing by two other assailants. As a result, the judge declared a mistrial. On the attempted murder counts, the jury was divided 7 for acquittal and 5 for conviction. Apart from the client’s confession to the lead detective, the victim identified Mr. Wooten’s client as the stabber in several photo line- ups. Nonetheless, the jury still hung on all counts.

NOT GUILTY of Burglary

Attorney David Wooten convinced an Annapolis judge to dismiss all 10 counts of burglary, malicious destruction of property, and theft of over $3,000 worth of copper wire and piping. The prosecutor was shocked, considering that Wooten’s client and 3 other individuals were found standing in the rain changing clothes at 4 am in 40 degree weather, with all of the copper in the back of their truck, and fresh mud tracks leading directly to the crime scene.

Mr. Wooten successfully argued that there wasn’t enough evidence linking his client to the crime. The client now maintains a clean record, while his co-defendant (who had a different lawyer) received 90 days in jail and was deported.

NOT GUILTY of Assault in D.C.

D.C. criminal lawyer David Wooten recently won an assault trial in front of a D.C. Superior Court judge. Three government witnesses failed to convince the judge beyond a reasonable doubt, while Mr. Wooten’s client testified credibly that he acted in self defense. The victory was essential for the Defendant, who would have faced serious immigration consequences with a criminal conviction on his record.

NOT GUILTY of Theft at Maryland Live Casino

In Anne Arundel County District Court, Maryland criminal defense attorney David Wooten convinced a judge to find his client Not Guilty of theft at the Maryland Live Casino. This amazing result came despite the Defendant being caught “red handed” on casino security footage, picking up and combing through a lost wallet. The victim, an elderly house wife, swore that the Defendant removed $1,500 from the wallet. The judge begrudgingly agreed with Mr. Wooten that reasonable doubt existed.

Annapolis Judge Acquits Client of Theft

Annapolis Judge dismissed a case after attorney David Wooten's cross examination of business owner, whose motives were clear. He was retaliating against his employee after hearing rumors that the Wooten's client was the one who filed a complaint with the Dept of Labor for abusive employment practices, including a widespread failure to pay overtime wages. The employer tried to punish Wooten's client by filing false criminal charges alleging 9 counts of unauthorized use of the employer's truck. Thanks to Mr. Wooten's argument, the judge saw through the lies and dismissed the case, and the client maintains a clean record.

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